The Team

Jen – Salon Owner

OriginalPinup-TeamJen’s experience as a salon owner and stylist spans 10 years. Prior to being in this industry, she worked in various roles in the corporate world, from sales to real estate to project management. All these roles she excelled at, but they left her feeling empty in her soul, and when she finally decided to leave it all behind and attend beauty school (late in life, by comparison to most), she found herself finally living the dream she’d always wanted. Quickly after entering the industry as a stylist, she opened her first salon. Her true passion lies in creating a salon environment that is uplifting and supportive to stylists, helping them achieve their own personal definition of success. Early on in the industry, she often heard horror stories of stylists working crazy long hours and still financially struggling to make ends meet, or having zero life-work balance. She thought to herself, there must be a better way! Today and everyday since, she strives to create the best salon for her staff; a place where they can feel proud to work, and well cared for.

Jen is very excited about the team of talent she’s brought into The Original Pinup so far, and while we are still growing our foundation of awareness in the community, we are thrilled for the things to come. Jen knows that with a great team will come great success, and she has been very selective in bringing you a group of stylists that she can feel confident will take the utmost care of every person walking in the door. She loves meeting clients and learning more about them to build a lifelong salon relationship. If you happen to see her on your next visit, please say hi and offer any feedback you feel could help make your salon experiences with us the best ever!

Jeanaiah – Stylist and Education Coordinator

OriginalPinup-Team-JeanaiahJeanaiah has over 15 years of experience in the industry, ranging from being a self-employed mobile salon owner, to a cosmetology educator, to being employed at some of the highest end salons around the greater Detroit area. When she came into The Original Pinup and met Jen, she knew that this was exactly the kind of work environment that she wanted to be a part of building the foundation for.

She’s very passionate about continuing education, because she knows that trends change in our industry very quickly, and to not keep up with what is new and innovative is really a failure to give your clients what they want and/or need. She’s committed physically, emotionally and spiritually to every one of her clients, and truly loves the gift of being involved with every milestone of their lives, from weddings to babies, to job changes, etc. She takes the role she plays in her clients’ lives very seriously, and will go above and beyond to make sure they leave her chair feeling their absolute best. Her passions include customizing color to each and ever person and textured hair services. She’s very comfortable with clients of all hair types and is especially great with bridal hair and makeup styling. Her gift for gab is also unparalleled. 😀

Erika – Stylist and Front Desk Coordinator

OriginalPinup-team-ErikaErika is very excited to be part of The Original Pinup. Starting her career in a welcoming salon home where she feels that she can truly express herself and her creativity was very important to her, and she is thrilled to be surrounded by such a great group of seasoned, talented and supportive stylists. Erika’s skills truly lie in selecting looks that compliment her clients’ styles and personalities. She’s got a real knack of choosing the perfect hair colors for her clients, and also happens to be great at makeup and nails, which she quite enjoys. She’s got a great perspective on life and has an infectious laugh that will brighten anyone’s day. If you’re looking for the full-service experience, head to toe, come see Erika!

Donna – Independent Stylist

OriginalPinup-Team-DonnaDonna has been a hair stylist for many years in the Northville and Novi area; She was a former salon owner in both Southfield and then Northville, and has attended advanced training schools in Toronto, Canada and in New York. Donna is known for her talents in special occasion styling and her love to create awesome wedding and bridal hair artistry. Her talents also include specialty training in color, cutting, and permanent Japanese hair straightening. She’s also had the opportunity to instruct many skilled apprentices and budding stylists over the years in these areas.